• 1 package boiled udon noodles
  • 5 spring roll wrappers
  • 5 slices cheese
  • 50 grams fukujinzuke (Japanese relish)
  • 200 grams ready-made curry sauce
  • Parsley, chopped
  • Potato starch slurry (potato starch mixed with a little water)


  1. Cut udon pack into 4.
  2. Combine cut-up udon noodles in a bowl with curry sauce and mix with a fork until just combined.
  3. Place a slice of cheese onto a spring roll wrapper. Top with curry udon mixture and Fukujinzuke relish.
  4. Roll up into a spring roll and secure by wetting the edges with the potato starch slurry.
  5. Deep-fry in hot oil until crispy and golden brown.
  6. Sprinkle with parsley and serve immediately.