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Yauatcha Mumbai Brought In The Chinese New Year With A Month Long Celebration

This dim-sum teahouse from London is celebrating the Year of the Ox with a special menu this year.

Illustrated windows, festive lanterns and a menu that is packed with flavour and texture, Yauatcha Mumbai brought in the new year with unique experiences. 

Made with smokey char siu chicken, shimeji and wrapped in a rice noodle roll. The soft exterior leading to the crispy chicken filled inside is sure to take your taste buds for a ride.

Crispy Chicken Cheung Fun

Spicy Crab Dumpling

This green-hued dumpling is made with prawns, crab meat, lotus root that adds the crunch and red chilli for the spice and is not for the faint-hearted

Genghis Old Fashioned

Taking inspiration from the theme, 'Strong like the Ox', this drink includes baijiu, umeshu, spiced soya sauce, chocolate bitters and is served with a rice wafer paper garnish. 

Braised Truffle Noodle With Asparagus & Mushroom

These comforting freshly hand-rolled noodles are made using asparagus, bamboo shoots, straw mushrooms and truffle that gives this dish a very fragrant and strong flavour.

Fire Cracker

Ending the meal on a cracking note. The fire cracker dessert is inspired by the fireworks that are set-off in China during this time.

While the year 2020 was full of challenges, the Year of Ox that acts as a symbol for hard work and humility pushes us for a better future. 

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