With K-pop and K-drama being the new wave, here's a peek at the Korean cuisine that we tried at Foodhall’s Korean Festival!

Foodhall organised a month long Korean festival to celebrate all the authentic flavours of Korea and here’s everything we tried!

A sneak peak into their K-menu!

With a varying selection of different seasonings and ingredients, Foodhall’s Kimchi stall will make you want to come back for some more!

Crazy About Kimchi

If you have the tolerance for spice, we suggest you try this very dramatic red chilli paste that is savoury, sweet and spicy.

The Great Korean Gochujang

As you walk around the aisles of Foodhall, you will come across a stall that sells all the essential Korean vegetables you can pick to make a K-meal for yourself at home. 

Essential Korean Vegetables

Their Korean Bao comes in 3 baos that are filled with crispy chicken, sweet gochujang paste, scallion and toasted sesame. This also came in a vegan option using gochujang marinated crispy tofu.

Korean Bao

The Kimchi Bibimbap includes sticky rice, spinach, kimchi, scallions, cucumber, mushrooms, gochujang sauce, toasted sesame seeds and sesame oil that makes for a great meal filled with flavour.


And finally their Banchan set includes traditional kimchi, sigeumchi namul (wilted spinach salad), oi muchim (spicy cucumber salad), sukjunamul muchim (seasoned bean sprouts) and musaengchae (spicy radish salad). 


Foodhall has a calendar filled with different cuisine festivals lined up in the coming months and you can try them in their outlets in Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Bangalore!

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